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What's Inside

You'd never let your kids drive a car without training them first. In the same way, this Conversation Kit will help you train them how to safely, and wisely use social media before getting on it. Taking a big-picture perspective, coupled with conversation starters and engaging videos, this kit will help you train your kids' consciences so they make wise decisions on their own about social media use.


Conversation Guides
Questions like, "can social media be a good thing?" and "do you think you spend too much time on social media?" prompt deeper conversations around social media use.


Video Sessions
Four video sessions connect cultural events relevant to your teen's experience and struggles with social media.


Questions & Answers
A Q&A worksheet helps what your family learned stick, and apply it in their daily lives.

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From the conversation kit

Prov. 4:7 says, “The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.”

There are many areas of life where it isn’t obvious how we should proceed. Instead, God wants us to seek wisdom and His leading as we attempt to make good decisions about how we use social media.


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